Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend. Work-in-progress screening at Rivington Place, London

Special screening of the 2011 Bob Marley documentary at Rivington Place on 1st July at 6:30 PM. Sold out.

Autograph ABP
Rivington Place
London EC2A 3BA

Autograph ABP works internationally to educate the public in photography by addressing issues of cultural identity and human rights. It achieves this through formal and informal education programmes, exhibitions, publishing, and the creation of an archive of culturally diverse photography that is accessible to the public for research. Established in 1988 with the aim of advocating the inclusion of historically marginalised photographic practices, Autograph ABP also collaborates with peer organisations, nationally and internationally, to develop, exhibit and publish contemporary and historical photography.

‘Autograph ABP aims to open up incisive spaces for critical debate about photographic history, spaces that allow for challenging issues to emerge. We do not subscribe to any uniform cultural perspectives and recognize that difference operates on many complex levels. Photography is an extraordinary medium for exploring difference, generating dialogue and engaging diverse audiences, as it easily crosses the boundaries between the gallery and public spaces. Autograph ABP looks to develop projects that work on the social political body. Projects that challenge preconceived notions concerning the construction of the other and that are not simply located in the binary politics of race.’

Mark Sealy, Director Autograph ABP


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