Actress raps film festival organizers By Gercine Carter | Wed, April 11, 2012 – 12:07 AM
Jamaican actress and film producer Esther Anderson has rapped organizers of the CaribbeanTales Film Festival for the exclusion of her 90-minute documentary on Jamaican reggae legend Bob Marley from the Barbados screenings.
Anderson’s film Bob Marley The Making Of A Legend recently had four screenings here sponsored by actor and owner of the Lonestar Hotel in St James, Christian Roberts.
Speaking to the MIDWEEK NATION the day before the film was to be shown in the cinema at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, a visibly upset Anderson said Roberts had offered to sponsor the Barbados screenings at four locations because they both felt it was a film that Barbadian audiences should have the opportunity to see.
It was also shown at the Olympus Cinema, the Errol Barrow Centre For Creative Imagination and the Israel Lovell Foundation.

Bob Marley Film

Bob Marley Documentary


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