Mr Free will attend the Gala Premiere of the Bob Marley film at the Santa Cruz Film Festival tonight

Bob Marley: The Making of A Legend

@Nickelodeon 2 @ 8:45 PM Tonight May 16th
210 Lincoln Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Tel: 831-426-7400

Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend
Esther Anderson, Gian Godoy 2011
Categories: Documentary Feature, Santa Cruz After Dark

Filmmaker Esther Anderson, Bob Marley’s girlfriend and sometime collaborator in the early days of the Wailers, presents her video footage from 1973 and 1974 of Marley and some of the people he encountered and interacted with during those formative years, and includes some fascinating revelations of the origins of some of his most beloved songs, including Get Up, Stand Up, and I Shot the Sheriff.

Anderson artfully constructs the union between Reggae and Rasta that launched the international career and renowned image of Bob Marley and The Wailers. Revisiting that formative time she reveals to what degree the original vision set in motion the radical change of perception and consciousness both musically and socially around the world.

Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend is an intimate portrait of an extraordinary artist finding his voice, so he could speak for millions of his brothers and sisters. A kaleidoscopic portrait of the making of a legend.

Bob Marley Film

Bob Marley Film


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