Esther Anderson stirs it up over rival film

Bob Marley film - Bob Marley documentary

Bob Marley film – Bob Marley documentary

Fans of Bob Marley face a test of loyalties with two new documentaries about his life. Bob Marley, the Making of a Legend, was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

Marley’s former lover, actress Esther Anderson, who made the film and was in Cannes, is furious that many of the iconic pictures and film sequences of Marley, which she took when she was with him in the Seventies, have recently been seen in the US in Marley, a new documentary by Kevin Macdonald and Chris Blackwell.

“I was shocked and astonished when I saw the film Marley the other day in Miami,” says Esther, 66. “There is nothing new in their film, except for the bits they have taken from me. There is film footage of us together and there are famous pictures I took of him smoking and sitting by a waterfall.

“They have also used iconic pictures which I took of Bob which have been used on albums, such as Catch a Fire and Burnin’, and on posters and

T-shirts. I shall be talking to lawyers, not so much to stop the film as to make sure they pay me for my property.”

Esther is also furious that when she was making her film, which was shown at the National Film Theatre last year, the lawyers from the rival documentary tried to stop her. “It’s a travesty that they’ve now gone ahead with their film using my footage,” she says.

A  spokesman for Marley, the documentary,  declines to comment.


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