Inspired by Wikileaks, the concept of Rastaleaks was born at the end of 2010 at the Frontline Club in London, the place where Julian Assange found refuge before his extradition. The blog is somehow a reaction to the commonly simplified and commercialised understanding of the Rastafari culture and aims at becoming a database of information in relation to it. It aspires to become a legitimate platform where media are exposed and commented by knowledgable actors and observers of the movement.

The idea of Rastaleaks was triggered by Esther Anderson as an extension of her latest project with Gian Godoy, the direction of the movie Bob Marley: the Making of a Legend. Jamaican and Rastafarian, she has experienced the movement from inside in her native country as well as in the western world. She is hoping that such a platform will allow her and any other fellow dreads to expose material about the original history and ideas behind their culture in a raw and non-commercial way. Along these curation lines, the information will be edited and pubished on the blog by their collaborator Octave Perrault.


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  1. I am friends with Esther. I have used her amazing photos on my blog-with her permission of course. I can’t believe I didnt know about this blog. Good things soon come?

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